Squeakee Minis Series 1

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Squeakee Minis are the cutest mini balloon animals that love to play and interact with you! Very Cute, very funny.
They look just like a party balloon animal, but they are full of sounds and reactions.
Squeakee Minis repeat what you say!
Press and hold their nose and say your message. Your Squeakee Mini will repeat your message back to you in their hilarious squeaky helium voice!
You can also pretend to inflate your Squeakee Mini! Blow on their nose and you will hear them inflate! Each time you blow, they inflate more and more, but inflate them too much and you hear them pop!
Squeakee Minis also love to be patted! Pat your mini balloon pet on their head and hear them squeak excitedly! The more you pat, the happier they get!
These interactive mini balloon toys love attention, but if you leave them alone, they will start snoring and fall asleep!
There are three Squeakee Minis to meet and make friends with: Heelie the Puppy, Billo the Monkey and Poppy The Bunny! Collect them all!

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