Fidget Puzzle Ball

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These amazing puzzle balls are super easy to pop in and out of the hole. The whole idea is to get the coloured balls in to the right coloured tunnel. I think that these fidgets are good for your brain because it is a fun puzzle.


The puzzle ball has lots of different ways to use it, and here are some ways. You can mess up the puzzle then you can fix it your self or give it to someone else to have a try.  You can also just pop the balls in and out of the holes.


The white and black ball can also spin like a fidget spinner. There is two empty white spaces on the white and black balls these are for spining, all you need to do is put a finger on both of them and use your other fingers to spin! 


That is the description for the amazing, muti purpose, spining puzzle ball. Thanks for reading.


Stella Strawberry 

Age 10

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