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Kate loves bubbles and she is super excited about this experiment Kit!!

Discover the secrets of soap bubbles with the Magnoidz ‘Science of Bubbles’ Science Kit! This fun and educational science kit is packed with experiments and interesting facts about the science of bubbles.

Learn the secrets of soap bubbles and how to create an array of different bubbles using the items included inside the box. Investigate the properties of water and how attracting forces hold the surface of water together, and more fun facts such as the secrets to the soap bubble’s rainbow of colours.

The fun doesn’t stop there, the educational resource book is full of interesting facts and experiments such as these!

This bubble science experimentation kit contains instructions for 9 experiments including;

  • Experiment 1: Create a soap bubble
  • Experiment 2: Create a bubble that is not round
  • Experiment 3: Check the surface tension 
  • Experiment 4: Check the surface tension with bubble liquid
  • Experiment 5: Check the work of the detergent
  • Experiment 6: Observe a rainbow on a soap bubble membrane
  • Experiment 7: Make different soap membrane shapes
  • Experiment 8: Control a soap bubble with static energy
  • Experiment 9: Make big bubbles


  • Instruction and Educational Resource booklet included
  • What's in the box?: 1 x bubble liquid, 1 x balloon, 1 x funnel, 1 x tray, 1 x small pan, 1 x star ring, 1 x 3-hole ring, 1 x flower ring, 1 x 2-hole ring, 1 x bubble tube, 5 x straw, 8 x ball part, 12 x stick part
  • 23cm
  • Recommended for 6+ years

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